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Default ...there are no consequences.


Forget about any form of actions against the Lawyer and the Doctor by the system, not going to happen, in 'family law' and I use that term very lightly as it only slightly resembles real law, there are no consequences, they use the term without prejudice. For several years my ex was told at each court hearing that her repeated attempts to use deception and dishonesty could work against her, however to this day, she has not had any repercussions, and still she persists.

Family law is a system that depends on this sort of misbehaviour for its survival. Lawyers play games on behalf of their clients, this results in billable hours for them and the opposing counsel and bench time for the judge. Remember the judges were and still are lawyers. If the Lawyers simply sorted out all of the problems quickly and painlessly, we would not need judges, if the judges actually made decisions cases would move through the system quickly and lawyers would not make as much money. My ex has been told several times by the judges at various court dates that she is supposed to be making child support payments which she is not, and that failure to do so could work against her in the future, however, no court order has yet to be made. The court expects us to work it out and agree. And like clock work every 6 months I hand over a large portion of my annual income to my lawyer and receive nothing in return.

The only alternatives that I would suggest would be to 1) ask your questions on the forums at hxxp://, and 2) sue them in civil court, attach a dollar value to your loss and sue each of them, if nothing else you may raise a few eyebrows. What is the damage value of a lost relationship and meaningful contact with your child?

Not to insult anyone or demean your story but consider that your ex and lawyer have put you in the same position that thousands of fathers have been put in for many years and if you read on the forums here, you will see many similar stories.

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