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I agree with both previous statements, and before I finished reading your initial post was thinking an Ombudsman would help. They are there to correct the wrongs done by those in the government services, and a lawyer and or their "experts" are working for the courts who in turn are working for the government.

My husband was denied access due to stall tactics, and false allegations that delayed or completely denied any contact, which like in your case created a false status quo that the courts would NOT go against. We did try the route suggested to bring to light all the manipulations and stall tactics, but it only made things worse in our case. It's probably because we no longer could afford to keep a lawyer and went the last leg on our own, but for what ever reason, I suggest that you stay focused on the daughter.

Maintain the contact IE telephone, and maybe email now that she is getting older, and show up for the access, even if you think it's fruitless.
So that when you are in front of the judge you can show that your actions reflect your position for equal access and that his actions do not.

I feel her pain, thanks for being there for her, having someone that she can depend on that goes the extra mile to help is exactly what she needs to help her through this. Family Law needs to change, but until that happens all we can do is try our best to be the best parents possible for the children.

God bless you, may prayers are with your friend.