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We know the OCL investigation will focus on whether each house is a good environment for the child, with some consideration for the child's wishes. There are some things that we don't like about the father's environment and his care for his child, but there's no big reason that the child could not be happy there, except that the child wants more time with the mother. The tougher job will be to convince a judge to upset the status quo. It just seems so wrong that you can make false claims to establish a custody situation, then when you can't prove the false claims and your case is about to fall apart you can actively (and illegally) suppress evidence, disobey court orders and otherwise create delays to establish a status quo advantage, and that illegally and unethically obtained status quo advantage is the deciding factor. No matter whether Betty gets equal time or not, she wants to do as much as possible to change the system and get her story out there, even if it will only help others.