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Youre missing the point. In this instance with the most wanted pictures, these are extreme cases where the parent owes tens of thousands. I would guess many of them are at least $80,000 in the holes and have disappeared effectively choosing not to see their kids. There are also a lot of parents who choose not to see their kids and a few parents on this forum over the years asking how to make the other parent see their kids.

The two issues are separate. Should we shame fathers? Yes and no. We should shame the fathers who refuse to pay support to the tune of $50,000 or more. The fathers who have taken off and dont care. Should we shame fathers who are struggling but trying their best? No.

Should we punish parents who withhold access? Yes. Have those parents been primarily mothers bent on revenge? Yes. Right now there is no lock her up for that. You have to go through the court process to do so. The good news is there are changes happening. They are small and slow but it is changing. More fathers are being granted shared or full custody. More mothers are being reprimanded for withholding access. It may not be as fast as everyone would hope but it is happening.

This issue should not be clouded with the two. The original post was about shaming fathers on the FRO site. The fact is that the people on the site are fathers and they are behind in support at a very high amount. We should all be ashamed that we allow this in our societykids to go without basic needs because one of their parents is avoiding their responsibility.
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