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Originally Posted by ifonlyihadknown View Post
Not paying child support is wrong and we punish and publicly shame people for it.

Withholding access to children is also wrong yet we ignore it and say, "whatever". (Except for the parent being denied access.)

If we are going to enforce one aspect of separation agreements, we should uphold all aspects.

If you see having their name on a most wanted list as punishment then you need to give your head a shake. They have avoided punishment by taking off. I should also note that for many of the recipients, social assistance is their only option to survive. As a taxpayer are you ok with the government paying these parents support while the payor fucks off?

As for the withholding children, there are different elements of this. Yes parents who file false accusations to withhold children, play games with the schedule and alienate their kids should be punished but there is a big difference between not seeing your kids for a period of time and not paying tens of thousands of dollars for their care. Changing that rule is something to put energy into. The problem is getting it to court and then going through the process to change it.

Those who think shaming is a bad thing need to separate themselves from the emotion of their case and the people on this list. These are criminals who have abandoned their kids and responsibilities and are leaving it to others to carry the financial burden. If my tax dollars are going to support kids who have had their parent bugger off then I say post the photos!
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