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Originally Posted by frustratedwithex View Post
Yes, my lawyer wants to see him in court ....
lol, of course your lawyer wants to go to court, that's how they make the most money!

Originally Posted by frustratedwithex View Post
...child support is the last issue. I am trying to sort this out without going to court.
Child support is supposed to be the easy part! It is simple - his obligation to his child remains until the child is no longer a child of the marriage. His financial obligation is determined by the federal guidelines according to his income, which is his line 150 (aka NOA) income. AND this should be automatically adjusted EVERY year using his previous year's NOA. There is no wiggle room (okay there are exceptions for everything, but not wanting to acknowledge some of his income is NOT one of them).

His lawyer is costing the both of you money (though I blame your ex - he is responsible for this stupidity).

Make it clear to your ex that it is a right of the child that he pays according to his full income and you do not have the power or desire to alter that.

Going to court over this is stupid, so it probably won't get that far.