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pokeman has a little shameless behaviour in the past

so 2 sisters have personality disorder cause Randi and Paul coined a phrase ?

if he did it then it would be 'normal' for these girls as they mature to start voicing their terror and not immediately facing their abuser

sorry, shrinks and books and quotes are just that , they derive their conclusions just like us from real life - they may play golf while we work at safeway - phd or sweeping floors for a living us humans have instinct and its their/our individual instincts be it fear or anger or whatever that drive us as individuals

I seen shrinks at work in my file, my x wife layed on a couch and they just memo'ed whatever she said for $ so she could attach it too an affidavit , for a buck they can easily be just 1 bar less than slezzy lawyers

sisters will most likely appeal and he will never see a dime as being an uncle he will most likely die first , if convicted he would have seen jail - why didn't they ?

above is a crime either way - what's the sisters motive for lying , inheritance , hate crime ... or telling the truth

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