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After the December Trial, The Judge gave his endorsement on Dec. 17. In the endorsement he gave one more month to my ex to submit her financial statements. On Feb. 19, 2014, we both went in front of the same Trial Judge. On that day, My ex had a lawyer and I was self-represented. The Judge mentioned to her lawyer that this is not a continuation of the trial but since his client didn't submit the financial statements and other documents pertaining to the property, this day is just to review these documents. My ex to no surprise didn't submit all the documents that were ordered by the trial judge.
At the end of the day Judge requested my ex to submit the cost brief by March 15 and I will submit my cost brief on March 30. After which the Judge will make his order on Cild Support, Spousal Support and Property.
I received the passports of my daughter and myself.

Two questions:

1. What should I put in my cost brief document. Is there a tempalte available?

2. My daughter's passport cannot be renewed without her mother's signature even though I have full and sole custody of my daughter. Also the passport office is looking for the Final Order document regarding custody. They didn't accept the Judge's endorsement of Dec. 17, 2013.
Can you help me on how to get her passport renewed. I promised my daughter that this year I will be taking her to Disney Land.

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