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Originally Posted by Gilligan View Post
Agreed, the judge appears to have just relied on oral arguments and my lawyer didn't say much.

If you ex is the payor and stopped paying (no reason provided) I don't imagine he will win. You never know however, that is the gamble of going to court. I would say however that as the payor, I often feel that there is a bias against them.

Well his reasoning is itís above his means. As he needs to take care of his new family. He has paid half of hockey three years in a row... and taken them on his time. Now all of a sudden ďitís above his meansĒ. He doesnít consent to medical costs.... orthotics when our childís leg is shorter than the other and causing him pain. Refuses to pay half the dental bills when I had no insurance.. and just stopped paying for half the insurance after he paid it for two years.

Iím happy your kids have a father that supports them. They will be better for it. And I am sad that the courts let a mom get a way without contributing her fair share.

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