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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
mom of 2 - 3 words comes to mind after reading this thread: BRING IT ON

I was continually given pitiful threats by my ex. He would go the motion route and lose, each and every time.

Never consider dropping out of FRO. Services maintenance enforcement agencies are free and yes, eventually, they do have teeth.

Offers to settle are good things too.

So... if your ex goes motion route you make sure your lawyer responds with perhaps a counter-claim? Of course you always request costs.

Let your ex run up his own legal costs. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Judges do not like people who do not support their children. There is a court-ordered process in place that he doesn't want to follow. This doesn't make him look very good.

Thanks Arabian!! I wonít drop fro thatís for sure. And I think a judge would think thatís crazy for him to ask. There was a reason I went through fro. I just canít swallow that his lawyer doesnít advise him to pay what he owes. Itís crazy.

So you think I would win at said motion ? We would need to cross motion for arrears I guess. In hindsight I wish I would have not instead all the money wasted on letters.

Anyone new to litigation reading this. Just as long time members have said. Complete waste of money.

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