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Default financial separation?

Ok, someone is going to reem me out for not completely severing the financial stuff at separation, but there were problems doing that. Anyway, I knew the consequences, so please help me figure out what to do

My ex just informed me that he was close to filing for bankruptcy and consolidated his debts. He claims I have to pay out the company half of $240, becasue the line of credit had my name on it.

I'm unsure if I have to pay, because I did not sign an agreement with this company. He arranged all on his own to do this.

Now, to keep things civil, I may go ahead and pay. I had already paid my share (plus interest) of the line of credit last June, after I offered him financial settlement. He did not indicate acceptance, but I didn't want to keep racking up the interest, so I put my money in and paid off what I owed. He still owed $2500.

He also claims that my credit will suffer because they took away his Visa. I had a card to this visa, but I never signed anythign to add me to the account. Pretty sure I confirmed this previously. Will this affect me? All of this happened recently, 18 months post separation.

Apparently there is also a gas company that is threatening to send a bill to the creditors because he did not pay out $40 which was his. I told him to give them my information to call me, as he doesn't know who it is. But he also said he did pay them and that he's not sure if they are still pursuing the creditor angle since he hasn't heard from them. My name is on this account.

The rest of the conversation consisted of him telling me he was thinking of going back to school and that means I'll have to pay him more CS. Said it was only fair, since I went back to school. What he wouldn't recognize is that I only go part time, still work FT and there has been no effect financially on him because of this. At this point I could be getting CS from him, but I waived it just to get his agreement to settle custody.