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Default Full time to Part time - imputing income

In this appears my STBX is going to make a go for SS...even though I don't believe she has a case for entitlement.

She is an RN with 25yrs experience and has been full time for 19 of those years ...then went to appx 3/4 time...and then last year was forced by her alcoholism to take about 9 months leave...
After a successful rehab this last spring, she has returned to work on a partime basis...
This is her choice, she has not been limited by her employer...but works in a nice cozy clinic...days weekends and doesn't wish to take up shifts in other areas (despite the availability of plenty of she has many years in ICU/CCU)

I consider this to be voluntary under-employment and think that court expects each parent to contribute to the best of their ability..

Part-time, she'll make about 45-55/yr working about 23hrs /wk...
I make about 110-120/yr working full time..

I think she's more than capable of earning at least 75-80/yr working more like 36-40hrs/wk....

Any thoughts....experiences in imputing income for highly qualified, voluntarily under-employed part-timers..?