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Well tax is another mattter as long as you don't owe money. During the whole time we were together I claim my daughter. So in any case we were together for about 10 years. If it was reversed, I would not have mind that she does that as we did live together for that long. There is nothing hypocritical about it, as we never hid that we were together. Take this scenario, a women and man separated and he support her for spousal support. He died, she lose all the support payment and has to fend off on her own. If they would have that wording on the separation, she would be entitled to a survivor pension. I think there should be a limitation of time if a couple separate but in any case if no one else could claim for this I do not see the harm to any one. It is an entitlement that the government give to people that are spouse or considered as spouse. In the eye of the law they do not look at your income tax, it is if you live together for more then 3 years you are considered common law. This is basic stuff. Anyway my intention is to give her daughter the money I am entitled to. I challenge you to prove not to talk but prove that this is not in accordance with the law.