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Originally Posted by DanTess View Post
Mess, I think telling her she'll owe me the equalization payment in the future or that it comes to me out of her share of house sale would kind of screw the plan up since she's willing to forgo support if she gets the paid off car and doesn't have to pay for her share of the lease? Did I misunderstand your point?
And you are worried she will take the car and then go after support anyway. Do you trust her or not?

If you want to cover your ass, then the deal I am suggesting is that she doesn't pay anything NOW, while she is looking for work and can't afford it. For now she gets the car "free". But she still owes you for it.

She doesn't have a strong claim now, but if she can't find work for the next 2 years, she will have a stronger claim. If she does find work, then her claim pretty much disintigrates, she is able to support herself.

You have to decide what you are willing to trade off.