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Go to the court with your file in it and inquire of the procedure. I was sent to another courthouse(ontario) in my city as that is where the tapes of court matters are stored. At that courthouse, I filled out a one-page form stating the date, the judge, the parties etc. etc. If you want only a particular portion of the motion(ruling for example) it will be significantly cheaper than asking for the whole motion.

That said, it has only cost me about 40.00 for three copies of one motion in my case. Another longer motion cost just 60.00. Get one for yourself, one for the other side if needed and one for judge, just in case. So request three copies, it is cheaper than getting a copy bound and made elsewhere.

In our town, the transcription services are contracted out to the court reporters for after hours. So I needed to prepay for the work in cash or cheque based on an estimated amount. It is a real pain to go there once to order, once to pay estimate and once to pick up and pay the remainder(if any). If you had a lawyer, I believe the pre-pay doesn't apply.

Case conferences are only allowed to be transcribed with a further order of the court. In cases of appeals etc. it can be ordered but it is rare.