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Just coming here to vent; its been a week from hell. Things mommy cannot do because daddy says so:

Go to the grocery store
If I do go, nothing comes in the house unless switched to a new container
Hug/touch them without their permission
Order take out
Go for a walk unless the sidewalks are visibly empty
Was told by one child, who is not very articulate, "You have an uncanny and unnatural ability of making everything bad and unhappy." (Yes, exact words) This after having had enough of not being listened to all week. I raised my voice after asking them for the millionth time not to throw things in the living room. They broke something yesterday; I didn't get angry then because it wasn't anything important but said, "see what happens?".

Phone calls continue to be the bane of my existance. He winds them up every goddamn night. What happened after being put in their places re throwing things? We want to call daddy! And I have to allow it. I have never been one to prevent phone calls but I wish I could for the next little while.

I just don't know what to do. Switch over is tomorrow at 6. I don't want to be scared that they won't come home again but am already heading down that road.
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