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Default How to change a temporary order?

Hi everyone, my question is how could I go about changing a temporary order for spousal support that was only supposed to be in effect until March 2019? There have been 2 case conference dates that were scheduled, only to be cancelled by the other party. Another is scheduled for later this month and it appears they are now going to cancel that one too. Would I have to file a motion to change the order with the court? One that would end the temporary order and go back to the agreed upon amount in the separation agreement.
I keep getting excuses and delays without any back up from them. My ex is getting more $ now so she has no intention of changing that.
I do know that it has to be a judge to change the order, need to know how to go about that? What forms do I need to fill out and submit in the likely event that they cancel again.
Thanks for any feedback..
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