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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Why would a beautiful young woman want to end up with an old geezer? Financial security. (Female is likely well-aware of the old geezer's stash of little blue pills).

You have some very specific views of how older people view infidelity. Perhaps this is a cultural issue for you? .... perhaps observations of your own parents?

I have found that self-respecting, confident people don't feel the need to flirt and carry on with opposite sex, regardless of their age or sex.

If you really want to get a wide range of opinions perhaps you should conduct an informal poll on this forum (under chat section) and find out how many young women find old men physically attractive to them? You could also ask how people feel about their parents shacking up with someone 40 years younger?

If you're looking for endorsement into your own personal situation, perhaps you should find another sort of forum?
That’s the typical shallow narrow view from old Canadian women as to why young women date older men. I could tell you many reasons why women date older men, but it would be best if you hear/read the reasons from young women and psychologists. If you truly want to understand the reasons why beautiful young sexy women, not just young foreign women, date older men, I recommend you google the phrase “why women date older men”. It’s not just for the money. Googling gets over 13,000,000 hits, some websites have 21 reasons. Alternatively, you can continue thinking you know it all and condemn these women as prostitutes.

I’ve never stated or implied infidelity. An old man, who is with a beautiful young sexy woman, could have a marital status of divorced, widowed, or single or even legally separated, so there is no infidelity.

Additionally, let people do whatever they want at any age. Some people let age dictate or limit their activities. Let people do whatever makes them happy, not what makes their friends happy.

Intelligent, confident, successful healthy, men think for themselves and go after what they want. No need for opinion polls or for endorsements from old Canadian women.
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