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Oh by the way, he earned between $75,000 and $90,000 the last two years (a typical figure for him), and I earned $0. I'm a SAHM to two toddlers; the 'plan' was for me to stay home with the kids until they were in school full-time, and then I'd finish my education and start a career (I've had some post-secondary, but haven't graduated yet). One of the other things that we're at odds about is that I want him to pay for a two-year diploma program for me, so that I have an opportunity to build a better life for me and the kids, and he feels it's not his responsibility; in fact, for spousal support, in his settlement "offer", he said he'd pay the mortgage on the home for six monthes; that's it. I spent several years of my life devoted to this jerk and our future together, he blows it all with his drinking and irresponsible behaviour, and I should walk away with two young children to support, and six monthes of mortgage payments?!