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Your son does not need you (or CP) to "come to the rescue"!!!!!

You want a really simple answer????


It is normal for teens to act out and push their limits - a lot ((not all)) will do this!! You say you have three boys - is he the oldest of the three?

You need to do as Blink said - get all parental figures ((mom, dad, step parents)) to sit down together and present to him an iron clad united voice. There can be NO signs of wavering, or he will exploit it!!!

I speak from experience - I was the kid that rebelled as a teen....

The kid is allowed to do stuff only when he can act as a member of the family.... if he wants to be the tough little hot shot, he gets nothing more than a bed to sleep on!!

Tough love, sweetheart!! It will break your heart, and you will feel like it's not working, but it will.... And do not hesitate to call the cops!! If your underage teen takes your car that is theft... even discovering it a few days later call the cops and one will often come out and "speak" to your kid - often it scares the hell out of them!!!

Some of my mom's favourites: I came home way past curfew and drunk (at 15!), my mom's response was to get my ass out of bed at 6 am by banging pots and pans and put me to work!! Then there was the time I missed curfew again (I was 18) - I was locked out of the house and they put my pillow and blanket on the floor of the garage..... my dad was a cop, my mom was CP, she always threatened that if we did anything stupid enough to land ourselves in trouble with the police, to call dad not her - hence we never were in trouble with the cops!

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