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Thanks for your comments Blink, but I must include that although all of the 11yr history cannot be put down on this forum I can safely say that for anything that has gone wrong in all 3 of our boys lives, I have been the one that has been called to the rescue.

example - 2 months ago our son was indefinatly expelled from school, as I mentioned. It was not the CP that took care of meetings with the principle, meeting/speaking with the police officers and meeting/speaking with school council or arranging to get his school work from the teachers & keeping him for the full week of suspension. As soon as the dust settled the CP took over again & took all credit, but he was no where to be found when the proverbial shit hit the fan...................So, do I need to do a little tough love in coming to my home, your darn tootin. Do I ignore my son, absolutely not!! There are other options to give love and attention to my son that don't involve being present in my home.

As I'm sure you have had a difficult time yourself, I will not judge your situation. I'm only asking for advise on how to get my X, the CP, to step up to the plate when it comes to crisis in our child's life and not make it all about how much he hates me...................My son comes first!!!