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Seperation agreements can be as big or small as you want them. And you are correct, they should cover support, custody, access, etc. But also things like insurance, RESP's, residence, etc.

I am tainted on agreements since we had signed agreements, that were not followed by my ex, contested and then not enforced by a judge. Personally, I even think court orders are a joke. People either want to behave or be savages. Apparantly being treated as you would like to be treated does not apply.

The more ugly the divorce, the more the agreement must be black and white, solid and "in stone". For example, in a friendly divorce (and yes, they do exist), you could write the children will be with the father on Father's Day. But as the divorce turns ugly and the children are used as weapons, that statement could mean 1 hour, 2 hours, never, etc. I would get it in black and white. For example, 7:30pm the night before Father's Day until return to school Monday. That way there is no extortion tactics come Father's Day. Although she can still take off with the kids (mine did).

This site is really good:

I posted some hliday example schedules in the forum on parenting.