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I'm a Mom, who would trade cs for 50/50. And I have little respect for any Father that doesnt want it, hence I dont have alot of respect for my ex as a Father. But it is what it is. And yup, I'm in court asking for more $$$.

Its not up to your ex's husband to support your child financially, that's your job (respect). Did you not want your child to benefit from your hard work and increased income?

Why didnt you have 50/50 from the get go? Or did you wait until you had a new partner to help you? Now status quo has set in, and your in for an uphill battle, why upset the child's schedule now to save you an increase in child support?

My ex too is "lawyered up", but its not helping him much except delaying the inevitable. As much as the court are filled with Fathers asking to be equal parents, there are Fathers also not living up to their responsibilities, hence the term "Deadbeat Dad".

Just my 2 cents.
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