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IF there was an investigation AND a recommendation for supervised access then you MAY be able to argue for supervised access. Those are all maybes though as many judges now deal with false accusations and demands to restrict access. There have been a few dads on this forum who have had to fight false accusations for years.

Your ex may have been abusive towards you but not to the children which would be unfair to saddle him with restrictions when his problem was he couldnít deal with you. If he hasnít done anything to the kids then why limit his time? Not only is that unfair, it also creates unnecessary animosity.

You canít enforce an order to behave. The courts are full of cases where people arenít behaving or following an order. You also canít stop him from saying stuff about you. You just have to be the bigger person and let it go. You can also have the kids see a therapist so they understand what is right and wrong.
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