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Default Seeking advice/experience with spousal support

My separation has beenongoing for several years, moving at a snails pace. We have figured our equalization payment. (Iowe my ex husband close to $300k because of my pension and buy out of house) Although it hurts, Iím not fighting thisportion. My ex husband was in a seriousaccident 4 years ago, when he came home 4 months later, it was obvious, wecould no longer live in same home. Hehad sustained severe head injury, not the same person. That said, he has been told that he is ofsound enough mind to negotiate this separation. My ex receives $4000 tax free monthly in disability benefits. His rent is $750 a month. I always said from the beginning I wouldforego child support if he would forego spousal. Last 4 years I have been single mom, 100% ofthe time to 2 teenage girls. They seetheir dad once or twice a month for very brief periods of time, but all theparenting is done by me. I pay foreverything. Yes, I have a decent salarythat I have worked very hard for for over 25 years. My ex was in and out of work all through ourmarriage. But it was always understoodthat both of us would work and contribute 50/50 to the household. I did majority of caregiving/cooking/cleaningeven when he was out of work. I havebeen taking care of house and all expenses, children, have had no extra moneyfor holidays for last 4 years plus Iíve been dealing with every aspect ofraising 2 teen daughters, which is not easy. My eldest is in uni but still lives at home. My youngest is graduating hs this spring andgoing away to college in the fall. Upuntil now, spousal and child support would have been mostly offset but with oneleaving I would owe him. We are going tomediation shortly. I am not fightingover equalization payment, but I cannot accept to pay him spousal support. Any insight/experience anyone can providewould be appreciated.

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