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I think it’s a common tactic. Throw some mud to detract from the real issue.

My daughters ex did this. He had been under reporting his income and had refused to pay daycare proportionate to income. So she filed a motion to have CS re-evaluated and for him to pay daycare including arrears.

His answer to her motion was to drag up anything that had annoyed him over the past 3 years with lots of added embellishments and accusations about her that were totally untrue and for which he had no proof anyway.

Her lawyer instructed her to write in her reply, item by item “ this statement is a complete untruth”

Then just concentrated on the real issues. The judge read it all and made no reference to all his rantings but just picked out the relevant facts of his income and that he had not paid his share of daycare even though he knew about it.

Judge awarded cost to my daughter and slammed a big arrears bill on the ex.

So just take it easy and ignore his rantings and just state the truth and back each truth with,proof.

Good luck.

And yes it will be interesting to see what the children would think if they read some of these affidavits.

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