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Tayken put your glasses on and read the part where I said it’s NOT like a broken leg. I stand by my conviction that stress leave is not and never will be like a broken leg.
I also stand my my conviction if you take 6 or more years off work it is an excellent way to lose your job. Even unionized workplaces give you the boot after three years off. It is extremely ignorant to think an employer will keep you on if you are off for 6 or more years on stress leave!
In order for one to keep their job the stress leave will have to be time limited in accordance with their employer’s sick policy and short and long term disability insurance, not for the duration of “court proceedings”. The insurance has standard blocks of time they calculate you should have off depending on your illness. You would also go for frequent reassessments by a specialist to monitor your improvement.
Advising a client to go on stress leave (6-20+ years) for court proceedings is ludicrous!
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