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As stated above, the purpose of the case conference is to identify the issues and start the process of moving to settlement. The reason there is no one else allowed in is to stimulate an environment where the court can get the lay of the land and so the parties can communicate (not yell, or be a clown) their desires in a without prejudice setting.

When both parties are represented, it is normal procedure to have the lawyers meet with the judge alone first, so the judge can get the picture without the parties present. Then you go into together after that to try and work out a deal.

The only orders that might get made at a case conference are either procedural and will not materially affect the outcome of the case, or ones that are made "on consent" of the parties, which are influenced by the judges recommendations. Despite the pressure that might be exerted by the judge, neither party is ordered to do something significant, unless on consent.

#1StepMom, your case conference sounds pretty standard, unless a significant order was made without consent of the parties.