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Default My wife leaving me due to my medical condition and I don't want to pay a dime to her


My wife has decided to leave me due to my medical health. I am currently overseas and has been here for the past one year. My wife is also overseas and we living separately. I do have significant bank balance in Canada which I have started to drain by sending to some trustable friends. My wife doesnt has any money and has told me that she would go for a property split after filing for divorce in Canada.Now my question is that if my wife comes back to Canada and file for a divorce, can the divorce be proceeded if I am not present in Canada? How about the property split? If i dont have anything in the bank, is there any way for her to take any money from me. I dont want to give her a dime coz I took care of her education, living expense in the past years and now when I need her the most, she decided to leave me.

your response would be highly appreciated.
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