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Hi LV, thanks for the reply:

The individual appears to be in some kind of professional position or field and as such may have a difficult time finding an equivalent position. This does not prevent the individual from working ie: in some other field for a reduced wage, however, he may collect more from EI than taking on an alternate position.
He has a grade 7 education. Doing only General labourer work for all of his life.He claims that because of his lack of education he can not find work. But has made no moves to upgrade his education or go back to school.

On the face of it appears that he may not be able to pay the arrears, However, what did he do with his severance, lump sum pension contributions, or equivalent if received. Moreover, one has to ask what did he do with the net equalization. I noticed that you never mentioned that he had expenses for legal fees in his financial statement. With that said, is his lawyer paid for by legal aid? If so, they only cover so many hours.
There is $24,000 left in trust from the sale of the house. If we agree to split the proceeds in 1/2 that will give both of us $12,000. With his share of the money what are the chances that he will be ordered to pay the arrears owing (About $10,000) Or will the judge give him a break (so he could pay his lawyer fees etc...)

I am under the understanding that he did not recieve a severence package. He did receive his vacation pay (which I received some of because he was in the arrears at that time.)

Legal fees are not mentioned in his financial statement. He also never mentioned the fact that he still buys cigarettes. His lawyer refuses to accept legal aid.
Did he receive any cash value when the life insurance was collapsed, If so, how much?
there was no cash value on the term life insurance. I paid for the insurance for over a year (even after the court ordered that he maintain the policy) When I found out that I could not change the beneficary on the life insurance (mine) I asked if they could just cancel my portion of it. They told me that I did not own the policy and I could make NO changes on the policy. So I stopped payment on the policy. I did let the insurance guy know I was going to do it.... and gave him the info on how to contact the STBX. He informed me later that the STBX refused to maintain the policy.
To his benefit he has been sharing 50% of his EI benefit with you for the children.
Only because FRO has been doing so. Not in any kindness of his heart.