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Not sure if this was covered all ready but maybe you need to get a job if you do not have one already, to depend on the other to pay your way, when clothes are not going on your children's back is no excuse. It is tough to mettle through the legal system. But the children always have to come first, stop trying to blame your situation on the other person, it will only pave the way to future infighting and the children will only suffer in the long run.

What I've read it seems that you're trying to nickel and dime, looking at contempt, that could land him in jail, not only would you then have no support what so ever, what about THE IMPACT ON THE CHILDREN! Not that he would see a day in jail anyway.

One normally doesn't get fired on purpose making 80K a year. If he did so, maybe he felt he was backed into a corner. In any event, will all these court appearances and monies being order to pay you, now where are you? Maybe it would have been better to settle for less, maybe he wouldn't of "gotten fired on purpose".

It amazes me when I see someone looking for their 'entitlement', well you got your entitlement. Now what good is your entitlement when he doesn't have a job? I think when people are separating, they should look at what's best for the children and what is NEEDED, not entitled, and certainly not lets's makem pay attitude, causes we're mad and angry at the other spouse.

I wish you luck in collecting all that you're entitled. If your children are as old as you say they are, needing clothes, and you're not working cause your waiting for your entitlement, shame on you, if not and you're working to make ends meet, then good for you.