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Default Post Secondary Expenses

I have a situation hoping someone can help me with. My husbands daughter graduates highschool in June of 2007....Goes back to college in Sept 2009....for those 2 years she did absolutely nothing...BUT he still paid support....only because he had no contact with his daughter....FRO called mother in those two years and she said daughter was still in school which was a FRO called my husband and said....according to the daughters mother your still obligated to pay. Well to find out when we were in contact with her in Feb 2009...she wasn't in does anyone know what really happens to the child support in those 26 months? NOW the mother wants more money....court case is in another few weeks. I can't get my head around the fact ...1. she lied to FRO about her schooling....2 wants MORE child support for college expenses when he shouldn't have been paying for over 2 years. How are the courts going to look at this?