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thanks for the advice, time and energy everyone shares... I hope I can be as helpful to others!
i did send yet another email this afternoon to my lawyers office (pasted below) and even after they recieved that email, still, no responce.
Hi, since ________has been back in the office for a week now, and a few weeks ago when I phoned (after not recieving any replies to my emails), _______expressed my file was at the top of the pile, I was wondering if there has been any progress with my case yet?
I am patiently waiting for an update as I am mostly staying at a friends house, living out of bags, and waiting for proper advice on how to move forward. Not sure if I should move everything out, stop paying bills at the house so I can have enough money to get my own place, or if i have to continue to live there, etc... I was hoping all of this could have been avoided and the situation would have been dealt with before it arose.
I sent another email in last Thursday, October 7th asking questions, but have not had a reply.
Please let me know where the progress with my file sits. I understand things tend to move slowly but I've been waiting since July to have any movement whatsoever in regards to having anything sent to my ex or filed, and the circumstances in which I am having to live are becoming more than unbearable.
I was very much looking forward to having your legal firm represent me and help me through this and hope you still can, but I am becoming quite disheartened and frustrated as I am blindly making decisions without any legal advice and feel as if nothing is progressing or moving forward. It's hard to continue to look forward positively when things are not moving forward at all in any way.
...and I copied and pasted the email from last week to the end of this one.
I just don't get it... where are we suppose to get legal advice if our hired lawyers are not providing any? OYE.... i really feel at a loss here... I thought that hiring a lawyer would help me feel some sort of control and help the spinning in a downwords spiral feeling at least slow down somewhat.