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Default lawyers...ha

I left husband feb 2001 lawyer #1,,,he went on holidays the same day ex cleaned me out of house, home and $,,,lawyer 2,,lawyer 2 worked for me til he was bored,,and I moved up to the senior partner,,,lawyer #3...he left when all my money was gone,,,now I do it myself,,,its been 10 long years,,,$100,000 and I might as well have stayed with the ex,,,, IM kidding ,,life is tough, I still have $70,000 on credit for paying lawyers,,,and Im not closer to the end,,,,my advice,,,do the free half hour consults,,,get advice,,,do it yourself...unless u find a nice lawyer,,,willing to end things I said this has been 10 years ,,,next year 11 and still no sign of ending