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Why on earth would you prefer that the house be sold at a loss, and then there be less to split between you?

Whether he wants to change his life, he doesn't want to lose money on the house sale. He'll sit on it a few years if he can handle the mortgage. Probably take in some room-mates. How is that anything to do with you?

You'll have enough from the lump sums to look at a down payment on a condo. Depending on location you can get a modest 1 bedroom with that as down payment. Or you can take an apartment, or you can go back to school. You have your whole life ahead of you. Focusing on bitterness and vindictiveness won't get you very far.

If the house sale will end in a loss, your lawyer is an idoit. If your ex wants the house, let him have it but leverage a few thousand more in exchange for your agreement.