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I very much agree with that. This isn't a revolving door to go to whomever's house she feels is going to be easiest.

I doubt it would be a smooth transition. First, my ex would fight it tooth and nail. She would use every angle she could to prevent it. Second, change isn't easy for anyone. It would be a big adjustment for me as it would be for my D.

I also agree that she may be saying what I want to hear. I told her that it did make me feel good to hear she would consider living with me, but that it wouldn't be easy. That we both face repercussions of such a decision. I was honest about how I felt, and that I would support her. But I did so in a way that I felt wasn't putting my ex down. I have told my kid I would never talk negatively of her mom (to her), so I was trying to be supportive of her as well.

It is likely my kid was just reacting. She had a great time being a kid, hanging out with her friends, to being in the dumps when she should be happy to seeing mom and family. Her emotions may have got the better of her.

To be real, I doubt this is really a real consideration for her. I think it was just a reaction. But if it wasn't, I know I will need to be prepared for the realities that would arise (mentally, financially etc.) My house is set up for her, she has her own room and spaces, so that isn't a concern. It is all the other adjustments that would be needed that would need to be thoughtfully considered.

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