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Originally Posted by LovingDad1234 View Post
I realize this thread is a few years old, but I did my best to search the topic before starting new thread.

When the CS is supposed to be offset, do BOTH parents pay eachother the amount of CS they are supposed to pay? For example, I give her the table amount for my income according to the guideline at $550/month, and she in turn gives me her amount according to her income at $300/month? Or is money only exchanged one-way by my giving her the $250 difference?

Is one method more preferable over another? Any implications on taxes or CCCB?
One method is preferable over the other.
In 2015 the tax laws changed to only allow the payee to be able to make certain claims.

There is a thread somewhere on here where the poster went to court to get the court order to state that spouse A had to pay $x and spouse B had to pay $x. The judge wrote the order for them.

From what I understand all it takes is a $1 CS payment per month (year?) to qualify for claiming. So if you don't want to get into it get the $1 a month in support and offset it with increasing your payment by $1.

Call the CRA, it is a mess talking with them but you might get relevant sections if you are persistent.
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