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If/when you communicate these goals to others, you should be sure to keep your story straight. The posts you've made here have some inconsistencies which could lead others to doubt the veracity of your story. First the travel is to spend half your time in Europe, then it's to visit places in Europe and elsewhere. First it's about saving your job, then it's about a woman you met, then you haven't actually met a woman but you might if you travelled more because it's happened before.

If I were you, before I even broached this with my ex, I would get a notarized letter from the HR department at my employer stating exactly how your job is changing, when these changes are coming into effect, and what the company requires (as in "this is a key requirement of the position") from you in terms of travel (and why these requirements can't be met by existing technologies like Skype meetings). Your own word isn't good enough. Given the stories you've offered here, I suspect your ex will assume that you're spinning things to get a schedule which offers you more convenience and a chance to visit Europe for personal reasons.
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