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(I just noticed that a bunch of people picked up on this discrepancy on your other thread, so I'm being redundant here).

I should also add that I'm not completely unsympathetic. I'm in a long-term committed relationship in which distance is a major factor. We both have week on/week off residence with our kids, but our schedules are completely opposite, such that whenever he has his kids, I don't have mine, and vice versa. In other words, there is almost no time for the two of us when no one has kids, when we could be together. This kind of sucks (and it means the kids don't get to see each other either, which they don't like). But neither of us would try to pressure our exes into changing their schedule to accommodate our relationship. Stability for the kids (including stepkids, on one side) means maintaining the status quo, even if it is not ideal for our relationship. We're the grown-ups, we make the sacrifices. If what you have with your girlfriend is strong, you'll find a way to make the relationship work, despite the distance.
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