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Default C gets income assistance bit doesnt claim the cs she gets

M and C have 2 children together. They are separated,there was no marriage).
M pays C the correct amount of cs for both children. Stupid thing is, he doesnt go through ME nor does he keep records bit he does pay her cash every 2 weeks for the last 3 yrs.
C is on welfare and has never claimed th cs she gets from M to welfare. A case worker was updating C"s file and noticed there was no claim for child support and she has to take him to court.
C sends M a text telling him of this and M's response was 'dont get me in troube with this because i pay you the amount im supposed to every 2 weeks. So dont lie about that.'
C's response was. 'Its not about you, i told them you get groceries and whatever we need but that you dont pay cash... Even though you do. I lied and told them you dont pay me cash."
Can this text be used in court to prove she lied and that she admited that M pays her what hes supposed to?

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