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If this is the matrimonial home, she is entitled to be able to stay there w/o a restraining order providing otherwise. The house is legally both of yours. Baring a restraining order, neither party is permitted to refuse access to the house to the other party.

But you do, is move her stuff to the spare room. Put a lock on the door for your room. Move any of your personal belongings into your room to protect them etc.

Buy a digital voice recorder and wear it 24/7. Be it in her presense or not. It will help protect you from a false DV claim.

Edit - if she moved out with the kid(s) welcome her (read - the kid) back with open arms. Do what I said above, but you want the kid in your home. That is what is most important here.

Then just be a dad. Spend time with your kid, but be sure to document it. Did you wake them up, feed breakfast and get them ready for school? If so, write it all down. Same goes for homework, activities, dinner etc etc. Journal it. Be superdad.

The house equity will get split if it is the matrimonial home. Not much can be done about that. But she left once, if she wants to go again help her move. But focus on the kid(s).