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For once I agree with Janus

I was recently in similar situation. Without going into details, I was looking at finding a replacement to run my practice or continue and burn out then totally crash and burn.

I found a solution that involved altering my schedule and practice flow so I could slow way down to a safe level without really affecting my income. I do have the medical note to back this up. I'm lucky to be able control thing this way, I really am.
It sucks for my patients but I do not have a choice for the time being.

If you have a cardiac condition the stress will kill you or u'll get takutsubo cardiomyopathy and then you cannot work.

I'd suggest slowly scaling back..if there are things you can remove (for me it was walk in clinics) do it. Find your comfort level and enjoy your kid living with you. Your ex should know about your medical history and your job and reasonably cannot expect a person to safely go at that rate.

All the best
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