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Default shared custody and child support payment rates not standard. What a pain

From everything I have read, and speaking with a lawyer, it seems as if child support guidelines are not standard in the situation where shared custody is an issue.

My husband and I are separated and have 3 children. The children are with me 60% of the time and him 40% of the time. His lawyer told him that I have to pay child support as I make more money. My lawyer says that there are so many different formulas out there, that you just never know what a judge will say.

I originally had all the children for most of the time, and because we signed a separation agreement indicating no child support would be paid, I received nothing from him. Now that he has seen a lawyer, he wants the kids at least 40% so he can collect child support from me.

I could drag it to court, and try to demonstrate that I can't afford the child support due to the increased cost of the shared custody arrangement, but there just doesn't seem to be a one size fits all for our situation. It seems nuts to me that I actually have the kids most of the time, and I have to pay him child support.

Has anyone out there been through this? I don't want to put the kids through more than they have and just figure the money I have to pay out is worth not having to deal with the ex anymore, but know that as soon as I make any more money, he will just keep asking for more and more.