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The main part I needed to know is that the forms are free, and I'll talk to them at the court to see what other help they can offer her.

As well, no kids, no solid monetary value, just a laptop, cell and some other crap along with the ring, as well as about $12,000.00 that she used for her education. There are no nor were there houses, apartments or cars bought or rented with the exception of a few hotel rooms during the marriage. They never officially lived together for longer then a few days in a hotel room. He was in a section of the US military until he deserted when she told him it was over.

I read about half a dozen law books my biggest concern was the cost of obtaining the papers for her because it's hard to find anywhere that tells you the specific process just a bunch of do this do that with no real detail on how to.

She wants nothing other then a divorce out of him and to move on with her life he's just being a pain, when there is no law on his side.

Also I don't think there will be a need for a lawyer but I'll look into it, the way I see it I can represent her and if the judge does not side with that I will still be able to assist her.

Thank you for your help greatly appreciated.