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Yahoo - I too thought at one time that everyone was being mean and unfair to "moonlight" aka "storm" aka "luba" - whatever her name is.

I think the reason everyone was recently so hard on her was to hopefully keep her from posting on here. Her previous threads clearly show how disturbed she is.

There was a woman who posted quite a while back who's husband was disabled and who beat her with his crutches. It was hard for me to contemplate this as I had a fairly comfortable view that people in wheelchairs were incapable of doing such a thing. I communicated with the poster via PM and then email. I was shown the bruises that the 'crippled' guy had caused with his crutches. The photographs had been taken at the police station and the fellow had been charged with assault. Meanwhile, back on the forum, the woman had been berated for being a liar.

I get shit all the time about SS and many people generalize that those (women) who receive SS are lazy and living in the lap of luxury.

This is the nature of a public forum. Not everyone on here is well-read and most, if not all, have personal biases which affect the substance of their posts.

If everyone agreed on everything this forum would indeed be a pretty boring place to visit.

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