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Do you have a court order that outlines the custody and access? If you don't have a court order then I would suggest getting a court order first.

First thing I would do is to take my son to his doctor each time he comes home sick and have the doctor assess the real cause of his illness. It could be the wood stove or it could be simply not feeling comfortable being away from his usual bed. If the cause is really the wood stove then you should try convincing your ex to fix the problem. If the negotiation does not work, I believe then you have a reason to take him to court.

I have similar issues with my ex - she opens the windows at night because she is feeling hot while my son is sleeping in her bed. My son returns home with colds each time after weekend access. I asked my lawyer if I could have the overnight stay removed from her access. My lawyer's answer was that it would be very difficult to take overnight access away after I had already agreed to it at first place.