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Default joint custody and parenting roles

I have joint custody with my ex, he has our son for 6 days a month, never phones our son ever, never takes him out during the week after work (he works close by sometimes) even though I have offered this so he can spend more time with our son. get the point, he's not very involved in our son's life outside of his 6 days a month. I was wondering if there are any other parents out there that constantly have to be responsible for the other parent to be a parent. It seems that I have to tell him everything about my son's school, even though you think it would be easy to pick up a phone and make his own arrangements. He was put off when I told him at the last minute about our son's kindergarten graduation, but I am sick of having to keep him informed when he has the ability to do so for himself, afterall, it is joint custody. Does anybody think that I should continue to keep him informed if it's not an emergency?