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Default Doing it all over again

Do you think it would be possible to take my ex back to court to set aside everything thus far since financial disclosure has never taken place? When I took my ex back to court recently, I submitted a form20 (?) a request for information. We ended up stupidly going into mediation who didn't tell my ex or I that retroactive child support should not have been negotiable, and I believe, if that was brought up in front of a judge, my son would have got the whole amount owing and not just a negotiated amount. Since our separation, we have been to court twice..and both times, his financial information was fraudulent. He never did disclose the information that I had requested. We still haven't got the signed order from the courthouse as yet, is there anything that I can do in the meantime to proceed to get ALL of the orders changed since all of the information from my ex was fraudulent? Please help as I would like to start to remedy this situation now or get the ball rolling.