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Default How do I word letters to ex's lawyer?

LV, I am writing a letter to my ex's lawyer about the RESP issue we had in court. I am also going to bring up the subject of the negotiated amount of retroactive that we settled on, not knowing that neither parent has the right to negotiate the amount of child support in arrears. How would I word it in my letter to say that I would like to negotiate further to get the balance of what's owing? Paragraph 5 states that there are no child support arrears left owing, yet i didn't find out until after the fact that we didn't have the right to negotiate on an amount. Would I have to go get that set aside in court or can i word it someway in the letter to his lawyer that i want to revisit that issue outside of court? Since this was just a couple of weeks ago, do I have to wait to fix things back in court?