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Originally Posted by HammerDad View Post
First prove entitlement. Meaning, she would have to show in some manner that she under-employed herself or passed on meaningful career opportunities for the benefit of the family.
"Family" catches my attention here. While she works a busy crazy schedule, I suppose it could be always argued that she sacrificed her career somehow for the benefit of *her* child. It wouldn't be for my benefit though. To date, she hasn't passed on any career opportunities, but the next career progression for her would involve a job with a lot of travel and wouldn't be practical with the needs of *her* child. So I'm not sure how "family" would be deemed in this situation. Keep in mind that in NS, unlike some other provinces, a step-parent has no obligation to pay CS, even if the couple were married.

Originally Posted by HammerDad View Post
Second the financial test. If she makes less that 40% of the households net disposable income, then she meets that threshold.
Net disposable income = money left over after all bills are paid?

Originally Posted by HammerDad View Post
SS is guaranteed, especially where the lesser earning spouse did not suffer any financial loss for the benefit of the household.
Did you mean *not* guaranteed? Seems to make more since in the context of the sentence.

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated!